I Think I Found Mr. Right

mr-rightA woman gets tired of being let down. She gets tired of men cheating on her; she gets tired of being a man’s back-up plan. She gets tired of being mistreated. Time after time, her boyfriend breaks his promises and her eyes have no more tears to shed. Understanding that a dream must be written in order for it to be real, I recently wrote these words down in my journal. At that time, there was no ‘Mr. Right’ in the picture, but I was rest assured that with a little faith and patience, these words will one day be true. 

I met this guy who is PERFECT for me! Lord, thank you, thank you for saving me for him. He was sure worth the wait and even the heartbreaks that it took me to find him. It’s almost as if you created him for me. We mesh so well together. Like me,  he values family, education, loyalty, ambition, and a relationship with you. He even is celibate and is waiting until marriage to have sex! He is my same age, with only a few months older than me. Our experiences mirror one another. He is financially savvy and makes a lot of money. He doesn’t cheat and he doesn’t sneak around. He gives me space, but still makes time for us. Each day he strives to do something that shows his appreciation for me. He often says he doesn’t deserve me. He says that I am the best thing that could have ever happened to him.

His actions support his words. On Friday, he had a dozen roses delivered to my job. And in the note that accompanied the flowers, he wrote, “I am so happy to have you in my life. You inspire me on my rainy days; you have made me become a better version better of myself. I love you yesterday, today, and forever. You are my bestest!” On  our anniversaries he writes things like “I may not be perfect, but at least my girl is.” He plans dates, spends time with my family, and he picks me up from work sometimes. He is in the trenches with me, staying up late with me to write school application essays, apply for jobs, and brainstorm ideas for my blog. My problems are his problems. He is consistent, devoted, kind-hearted, and peaceful. He is not condescending, or judgmental. Talking to him comes natural. It is not forced. It is not stiff. We are so natural.

He is open and honest with me. He talks about marrying me. He respects the fact that we are waiting until marriage. He motivates me to fulfill my dreams and is confident enough not become jealous when I accomplish my goals.

To him, I am his #1 fan; I support him as he pursues his passions. I boast about him to my friends. I stay up late with him doing whatever he needs me to do. I roll up my sleeves and I’m down in the trenches with him. He knows that I am not only his lover, but I am also his friend. Each morning, when I wake up, I turn off my alarm and write a message LIFE to him in a text. I speak life into him everyday. My words build him up, not tear him down. I celebrate his small accomplishments just as much as I celebrate his big accomplishments. I remind him daily how lucky I am to have him in my life. He knows he can count on me. I bring out the best in him. I love him in so many ways.

We celebrate each other often and he encourages all of my friends and family to “GO HARD” for me on my birthday, I do the same for him.

We are always on the same page and on one accord. When friends and family see us together they say to me, “That’s THE ONE!” I beam cause I know it too. I finally found my ‘Mr. Right.’

This person does not exist right now, but one day, he will. He is who I am waiting for.


While I appreciate the congratulatory messages, the person depicted in this post “I Think I Found Mr. Right” does not exist. He is the dream guy that I am patiently waiting for.

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7 thoughts on “I Think I Found Mr. Right

  1. Very inspirational & thought provoking! So many need to learn to see the best in each other as well choosing to speak life & not death…words are very powerful!


  2. I love this and it truly sounds so dreamy and wonderful, but mid-way in the first paragraph, all I could think was this really is unthinkable; a guy certainly cannot possess all these traits and qualities. Do guys like this exist? Somewhere guys…where are you?


  3. Hi ZP! Congratulations, you are my 200th commenter! Thank you for reading.

    Lol, but back to your comment. Yes, men like this do exist. Perhaps not the non-essential qualities like my specific age and he may not be as much of a writer as I am. However, the important stuff like openness, honesty, delivering flowers, being in the trenches with me, all exist in one person. I know because my boyfriend possesses all of the essential qualities. I know it’s hard finding quality men out there, because there are so many frogs running rampant.

    Funny enough, this piece was written months my boyfriend and I started dating. Perhaps I created him with my words? Motivational speakers always encourage people to write their vision down. Perhaps these words of advice apply to our love life too.


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