They’re Having Our Baby!

Auntie: Good to see you, dear. Have a seat. Congratulations!  So, now the wedding is over, when are you having my niece and nephews?

Me: Excuse me?

Auntie: I know your wedding was a week ago. But now, I am ready for you to have children.

Uncle: [saunters in the room as though someone called his name]. Yes. We are waiting on you. Our 2-year old daughter needs someone to play with.

Aunt: What she needs to do is have a boy.


Aunt: But the boy will bored. So, then she’ll have three more children.

Uncle: Let’s pray that she has quadruplets.

Aunt: Yes, quadruplets! Three boys and one girl. That’ll be perfect.

Great Aunt: Don’t be like your peers. I don’t understand this millennial generation. They are selfish people. My neighbor is 35. She and her husband of 7 years do not have kids. And I ask myself, what are they waiting for? She is not getting any younger. The Bible says, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Not to remain a barren woman. It is disrespectful to be capable of having children, yet refuse. This generation [shakes her head]. I don’t know.

Aunt: You’re a nice girl, Yaa. You’ll do the right thing.

Great Aunt: And I need some grandbabies. So, when I see you in six months, you’ll be revealing your baby bump. Right?

Me: [smiles]. Okay.
The three discussed their plans for my family for the next 45 minutes. Since they were the experts on the topic, I did not interrupt. I smiled, nodded, and laughed when appropriate. I didn’t mention that given the birth control I was using, the chances of me having a child were slim to none.  But I appreciate their support and look forward to having the same conversation with them again during Thanksgiving break.

10 thoughts on “They’re Having Our Baby!

  1. It’s always hilarious to me when people bring up the “be fruitful and multiply” verse to justify getting involved with other peoples’ procreation (or lack thereof) in completely inappropriate ways. What they never seem to remember alongside that verse is that the Bible also talks about how Women who don’t want to have kids and / or can’t have any through the grace of God can still be parents in other ways- such as through adopting or fostering, or simply taking care of those in social need and providing community / charity work. But I’m really not surprised by that, unfortunately. I wish I were, but I’m not.


    • Nail on the head! Yes, you are so right.

      Conversations like this are risky. You never know where a couple is in their process of having children. There are so many reasons they may not be having children. And none of those reasons are anyone’s business.

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      • I absolutely agree! And yet people keep meddling- and always inappropriately; they have no tact, let alone care or consideration. It baffles me!


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