Love Letter


Dear Yaa,

You are an awesome woman. I admire your ability to give of yourself – time, resources, listening ear, advice, sympathy, support – to others freely. I admire your ability to write. Your blog is outstanding. Your ideas are creative and your style of writing is unique. I appreciate your gift. I love that you want to grow. I admire that you want to have a healthy, fulfilling, relationship with a man one day. And I know he’ll appear in your life soon. When you see him,  you will appreciate him because he is everything you hoped for.

Yaa, there are a lot of changes occurring in your life right now. And Yaa, I know you’re afraid of it all. Change always means having to give something up but God won’t force us to give something up without putting something BETTER in its place. I understand the hurt you’ve gone through with unfulfilling relationships, goals that have not yet been achieved, and setbacks and I’m here to tell you that there is something MORE for you. Just remain steadfast, patient, and hopeful. God never lets his children down.

Remember how you said that “No man will ever love you?”  Well you were wrong. Do you know awesome you are? Do you know how many men would love to have a woman like you in their life? Okay, so your awesomeness is not tied to a man’s desire for you, but the man who is worthy of you will appreciate your gifts, your talents, and even your weaknesses. Yaa Yaa, you deserve the best. You don’t have to settle. You can have the man who’s the right fit for you.

Just continue being your glamorous self!

I love you just the way you are.


Your BEST Friend, Yaa Yaa

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