Hollywood’s Deepest Secrets: A Movie Review of Beyond The Lights

BeyondTheLightsPhotoHollywood is more than just glamour, parties, and paparazzi. In some cases, Hollywood can take the best of you and leave you at the edge of a balcony ready to jump, as portrayed in the movie, Beyond The Lights.

Before this movie, I did not understand the motive and circumstances behind celebrity suicides. I’m not saying that I am an expert on it now, but I will say that I have a slight understanding of the psychology behind a celebrity’s motive to end her life.

The pressure of having to be someone you’re not in order to make money. The pressure of having to maintain a size 2 figure. The pressure of having to be “on” all the time. And the severe scrutiny that you will face if the media senses that you are short of perfection. These struggles are enough to make a person go mad.

Beyond The Lights portrays the story of Noni Jean, a pop superstar who was very unhappy with her life, image, and music. Although she wanted to sing soulful music, her staff would not allow her to do so.  Frustrated and depressed by all the pressures thrust upon her, she attempted to jump off the balcony of her hotel room. Fortunately, Kaz, a handsome police officer and eventual love interest, pulled her off the balcony and saved her from herself. It was a beautiful love story. The movie not only mean the story between Noni and Kaz, but it also portrayed the journey of Noni falling in love with herself. The movie had a happy ending. She and Kaz lived happily ever after and Noni started making the soulful music she loved.

I absolutely loved this movie, for it’s two messages is one that needs to be depicted in media more often. Celebrities are under a lot of pressure; cut them some slack. Love yourself and embrace your flaws. The movie also helped me feel more compassion towards female superstars. As a viewer who is far removed from the rock star lifestyle, I have no business judging them on their lifestyle or choices. Writing negative things about them on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets erodes their self-esteem. Aren’t they already battling enough hardships?

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